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Newspaper Ad: March 31, 1961

Altamont Enterprise – Page Seven


Publicity Photo

Date: Unknown – Photographer: Gene LaVerne

One interesting note about this photo:  While it bears a seal of “Vintage Photos of Burlesque Dancers” and is titled at the bottom, the photographer’s seal in the lower left is backwards leading us to believe the original was actually in this position…

August 1, 1960 Newspaper Ad

Publicity Photo

Undated.  Photographer: Gene LeVerne

Program – Empire Theater

June 1954 program ad for the ‘EMPIRE Burlesk Theatre’, featuring: Ann Perri, Sequin and “The Crown Prince of FUN”.. Manny King!

Publicity Photo

Ann Perri Publicity Photo
Date: Unknown Photographer: Gene LeVerne

Town Hall Burlesque Ad

Ann Perri newspaper ad

Undated newspaper ad for, we believe, the Town Hall Burlesque theater in Toledo, OH

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